Smart energy meter KWH Volts Amps / WIFI LORA Netwotk ready. Electric Submeter



One, Two, or Three Phase Din Rail Multi-function Smart Energy Meter with LoRa communication. Or Modbus version which is the same price.
Voltage between phase and neutral (if neutral used) up to 289 Volts. It can work with 3 phase 3 wires without Neutral.
*** AC or DC Auxiliary power supply  independent of power measured; Two-way fixed connector with 2·5mm2 stranded wire capacity. 85 to 275V a.c. 50/60Hz ±10% or 120V to 380V d.c. ±20%. Consumption < 10W.
Voltage between phases up to 500 Volts.
Universal multi-functional meter / sub-meter AMR. (Automated Meter Reader) solution. Use the gateway bellow to read many of these meters – AMR
Use the following software to create an Automated Meter Reading System or Energy Management:


This Smart meter comes with 2 x 200:5 Amps Split Core External CTs. An extra 200 Amps CT costs $30,  Please inquire.  Many other CTs available up to 7500:5 Amps VAC CTs.

Used to measure energy in residential, commercial, and Industrial applications.
It offers a choice for wireless solution, it makes the data reading easier in long distance stand alone meter or in a mesh network.
Multi-functionLoRa communicationPulse output5A CT operatedClass 0.5s/Class 1.0 Accuracy.
Modular (72mm)35mm Din rail mounting LCD display

This meter can be easily used to read KWH in marinas, sublets, or from any appliance or electrical equipment and it can also be used for complex analysis or many other parameters for industrial purposes.

Software available and modular for different size of installations.

This unit measures and displays the characteristics of single phase two wires(1p2w), three phase three wires(3p3w) and three phase four wires(3p4w) networks.
The measuring parameters include voltage(V), frequency(Hz), current(A), power(kW/Kva/Kvar), import, export and total Energy(kWh/kvArh).
The unit can also measure Maximum demand current and power, this is measured over preset periods of up to 60 minutes.

This unit can be setup for 1A, 5A, or 333mV CT operations, it can be configured to work with a wide range of CTs.
Built-in pulse outputs and LoRa module enables wireless communication.
The users are free from Bus line wiring and layout.
Configuration is password protected.

This unit can be powered from a separate auxiliary (AC or DC) supply. Alternatively it can be powered from the monitored supply by linking the voltage reference and neutral reference in to terminals 5 and 6 (Please refer to wiring diagram).

Unit Characteristic:

The Unit can measure and display:
• Voltage (L-N and L-L) of all phases
• Line frequency
• Currents of each phase and Neutral
• Power, maximum power demand and power factor
• Active energy imported and exported
• Reactive energy imported and exported
• THDu % of each phase (total harmonic distortion)
• THDi % of each phase (total harmonic distortion)

Lora wireless communication module combined inside the meter. With Eastron Lora gateway ESP-6, the user can remote monitor and program the meters. It saves lots of labor work for meter reading in sites with many meters, Bus line wiring and maintenance. by LoRaWAN, the communication distance between submeter to gateway can reach several kilometers. by LoRaMesh, data supports 4 relay hopping. The frequency band is 470Mhz. if other band is request, please specify when you order. 433, 869, 915Mhz are available.

Two pulse outputs measured: active and reactive energy.
The Pulse for active energy is 3200imp/kWh. (Terminals 11 & 12)
The pulse width for Pulse 1 can be set from the set-up menu (Terminals 9 & 10).

Measured Parameters:

The unit can monitor and display the following parameters of a single phase two wire(1p2w), three phase three wire(3p3w) or three phase four wire(3p4w) system:
* Voltage and Current
* Phase to neutral voltages 100 to 289V a.c. (not for 3p3w supplies)
* Voltages between phases 173 to 500V a.c. (3p supplies only)
* Percentage total voltage harmonic distortion (THD%) for each phase to N ( not for 3p3w supplies).
* Percentage voltage THD% between phases (three phase supplies only).
* Current THD% for each phase

Energy Measurements
• Import/Export active energy 0 to 9999999.9 kWh
• Import/Export reactive energy 0 to 9999999.9 kVArh
• Total active energy0 to 9999999.9 kWh
• Total reactive energy 0 to 9999999.9 kVArh

Measured Inputs Voltage inputs through 4-way fixed connector with 2.5mm² stranded wire capacity.
Single phase two wire(1p2w)
Three phase three wire(3p3w)
Three phase four wire(3p4w) unbalanced.
Line frequency measured from L1 voltage or L3 voltage.
Three current inputs (six physical terminals) with 2.5mm² stranded wire capacity for connection of external CTs.
Nominal rated input current 5A or 1A a.c. Rms.