Smart KWh meter 120V USA Mkt. 100 Amps. Single phase 2 wires Energy anylizer with Modbus RTU



Excellent Energy Analysis meter with external CT. Read KWh, Voltage, Amps, Frequency, Watts, and more. Configurable communications module. 1 to 100 Amps Split core CT provided. RS485 and pulse connections for AMR systems. 50 or 60 Hz. Split Core CT allows to install the meter away from wires and without having to disconnect or cut wires. Din rail standard to keep your meter(s) clean and organized. We offer enclosure boxes with Din rail with room for up to 7 sub-meters. Some details and specification about this sub meter: Meter specifications Voltage/current inputs Nominal Voltage 230V AC – It works with Voltages from 120 to 230 V AC Voltage range (120-275)V Power consumption 0.5W 2VA Primary Current(A) 100A Second input (mV) 330mV( Primary current=100A) RS485 cable AWG 18 Terminal flexible 1Xmm2 0-2.5mm2 General data Frequency 50 or 60 Hz Accuracy 0.1 Mechanical Material ABS+PC Weight 100g Environmental Operating temperature -25°C +55°C Storage temperature -40°C +70°C Humanity 75% yearly average,95% on 30 days/year, non-condensing Dimension Width (mm) 18 Height (mm) 104.5 Depth (mm) 88 Main functions: Measuring Function: This smart meter can measure import active energy, export active energy, total active energy . Import reactive and export reactive energy are available through the RS485 interface Electricity parameters measurement: Measured parameters from mains: Voltage 0.5% of range maximum Current 0.5% of nominal FS solid-core sensor and Current 1.0% of nominal FS open-core sensor Frequency 0.2% of MID-frequency Power factor 1.0% of unity (0.01) Active power(W) +/- 1.0% of range maximum Reactive power(VAr) +/- 2.0% of range maximum Apparent power(VA) +/- 1.0% of range maximum Active energy(lei) Class B EN50470-3 Reactive energy (kvarh) +/- 2.0% of range

  • Energy Analyzer Single phase 2 wires 120 Volts. 60 Hz. Up to 275 V. capable.
  • AMR ready with RS485 communications port and Pulse output
  • Small and powerful energy analyzer, many parameters!
  • Works with 120 Volts in the USA
  • External 100 Amps. Split Core CT makes it very easy to install without disconnecting or cutting wires

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