Ultrasonic Water meter 1/2″ with Modbus

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An Ultrasonic water meter is an intelligent measuring instrument with temperature sensor (50mm and more), flow sensors and calculators. Calculator used the sensor and through the water of time difference to collect temperature differences and sound waves to complete accurate measurement of water flow. And can provide important application and data for many applications in the pipeline.
Mainly used for water metering and monitoring water flow, such as domestic water, central air conditioning systems, equipment, etc.

Nominal diameter 15 20 25 32 40
Max flow Qs(m3/h) 3.125 5 7.87 12.5 20
Nominal flow Qp(m3/h) 2.5 4 6.3 10 16
Transitional flow Qt(m3/h) 0.02 0.032 0.05 0.08 0.128
Min flow Qi(m3/h) 0.013 0.02 0.032 0.05 0.08
Start-up flow(m3) 0.005 0.005 0.008 0.01 0.015
Max flow indication(m3) 999999.99
Measuring range Q3/Q1, R=200
Accuracy class Class 2
Pressure loss ≤0.063 Mpa
Max working pressure 1.0MPa/1.6 Mpa
Temperature class T30/T50
Teperature difference range (3~75)K
Temperature range (5~55)℃
Resolution temperature
Installation environment
Indoor, Class B

Electromegnetic environment E1 (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
Power supply Bult-in lithium battery DC 3.6v(outer power supply can be customized)
Battery life > 8years
Installation position Horizontal or Vertical
Temperature sensor Pt1000
Display LCD, 8 digits + additional characters
Construction Compact type
Upstream/Downstream flow profile sensitivity class U10/D5
Interface Optical/RS 485/M-bus(M-bus by default, pulse output is customizable)
Protection class IP68
Data storage Flash memory, storage of all monthly value of last 18 months
Flow measurement Normal state:6 times/4 sec.(1 time/15 sec.under no water condition);
Verification state:12 times/sec.

Ⅲ. Normal Display
Mode No. Display content Display description
P1 1 X.XXX m³ Cumulative flow
2 XX h Total working time
3 XX.XX ℃ Temperature
4 XX-XX-XX Current Date (year-month-day)
5 X.XXX m³/h Instantaneous flow
6 XXXXXXXX Add .of meter
7 X.XX V Current Voltage
8 XXX XXX Caliber version No.
9 ST1 BIT X=1 After the description
P2 1 XX-XX History month
2 X m³ Historical traffic
… … …

Cycle to display 23 months of data
P3 1 XX-XX-XX Time(h-min-s)
… XXXX Parameter
P4 1 X.XX L Accumulated flow test
2 X.XXX m³/h Instantaneous flow rate test
3 XX.XX ℃ Temperature
4 XXXX Dynamic parameters

BITX Description:BIT0 =1:Reserved bit;BIT1 = Night traffic;BIT2 =1:battery is low;
BIT3=1 Water countercurrent;BIT4 =1:PlaceholderBIT5 =1:Non-full tube;BIT6 =1 Temperature sensor fault
Note: Press and hold the key in awake state to enter the mode selection interface (P1, P2, P3, P4).
It enters into sleeping mode without any operations in 5 minutes, no indication