Electrical Meters and accessories



This is a smart electrical meter. The image above shows it metering 120/240 Volts with SolidCoreCT200A15 CTs. This is an omni-meter, changing the Current Transformers and soft settings, it can measure many different voltage / amps configurations. It can be connected to other meters in series. It has pulse output to  connect to the OSCAR meter reader and Oscar Manager System,  It can also send data to the Internet using the BeyondTech Push device or send data to a computer using BeyondTech 485Serial Device

Compatible electrical configurations:

120V Single phase North America 2-wire – Requires 1 CT

120/240V 3-wire Requires 2 CTs (Image above)

120/208V 3-wire Requires 2 CTs

230V 2-wire foreign – Requires 1 CT

50 or 60 Hz



Single Phase

3-Phase/ 3-Wire – Requires 2 CTs
3-Phase/ 4-Wire – Requires 3 CTs

Up to 5000 Amps

Other Characteristics:

External CTs sold separately, uses one, two, or three CTs depending on electrical setup.

Remote Readable

RS-485 Data Output

Pulse Output

Internet Push Supported

2 Year Warranty
California Type Approval


Price does not include Current Transformers


BeyondTechSM2aTechnical Specications:

• Nominal Voltage Ranges:
120V to 480V, 2-wire, Single-phase, One Line & Neutral
120V to 480V, 3-wire, Single-phase, 2 Lines & Neutral
120V to 415V, 3-wire, 3-phase, 3 Lines, No Neutral
120V to 480V, 4-wire, 3-phase, 3 Lines and Neutral
• Range of allowable environmental conditions: Pollution Degree 2,
Measurement Category III, Altitude rating 2000 meters max. Maximum
Temperature Range: -30 Deg. C to 70 Deg. C. Tamper Detection Class 1.
BeyondTechSM2WiredtoElecBoxIn• The equipment is protected throughout by
double insulation as indicated by this symbol:
• Accuracy Class 0.5
• Rated Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
• Red LED on the meter face flashes 800 times/kWh. 1 flash = 1.25Wh.
• Received California Type Approval for revenue grade metering.
Pulse Output:
Like all of our meters, the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 has a Pulse Output. The Pulse Output 1 pulses at a rate of 800 pulses per kilowatt hour when set to 200 amp current transformers.
This is the same rate that the red LED flashes on the meter face – 800 times/kWh. It also has a Settable Pulse Output (S02).
The Programmable Pulse output can be set in software to pulse anywhere from 1 pulse per kWh to 800 pulses per kWh (limits are dependent on CT
ratio). These are unpowered electronic dry contact pulses that can be counted by standard electronic pulse counters. Pulse counters can be located up
to 200 feet away from the Omnimeter Pulse v.4. Connect Pulse Counter to port 16 and port 14 (ground) for the Fixed Pulse Output (this pulses as the
same rate as the red pulse output LED on the face of the meter) or port 15 and port 14 (ground) for the Settable Pulse Output. Pulse Width 90ms,
Polarity Sensitive, max 27VDC, max 27mA.
Pulse Input:
BeyondTechSM2PulsesFromWaterMeterThis Omnimeter with Pulse inputs cBeyondTechSM2withPulsesFromWaterGasan also count the pulses from up to 3 different pulse output devices. These could be pulses from our Pulse Output Water and
Gas Meters or from any other un-powered dry contact pulse output device. Pulse Input ratios can be set in software from 1 to 9999 pulses per
increment. The state of the 3 Inputs can also be polled in software, the Omnimeter Pulse v.4 will return a High or Low state for each pin in real-time (use
this for sensing switch states, open or closed doors, etc). Connect Pulse Generator or Switching Sensor to each of the 3 Pulse Inputs. Connect all
grounds to port 14 and each of up to 3 Pulse Generators to ports 11, 12, or 13. By default, the pulse input ratio of the Omnimeter v.4 is now set 1:1. So
for every 1 pulse sent to the Omnimeter v.4 from a pulse output device, the Omnimeter will increment 1. This ratio can be changed using the online power monitoring
Relay Control:
BeyondTechSM2RelayControlThe Omnimeter Pulse v.4 comes with 2 controllable relay outputs. These can be controlled via software. You can set the outputs to be high or low to
drive an external relay. The outputs are both 50 mA at 12 volts DC. Control lights, motors, etc by controlling relays. The Relay Control Outputs can also
be set to go on or off from 1 to 9999 seconds. The realtime state of the outputs can also be polled via software, such as our EKM Dash. The outputs can
also be used to power an external device (Wireless 485Bee Module, sensors, etc). Connect 12VDC (50mA max) relays, LED indicators, or buzzers to port
17 (ground) and port 19 for Output1 or port 17 (ground) and port 18 for Output2.
Working Principle:
When the meter is working, the energy consumed by the user is transformed into voltage and current signals, which are sampled by sample circuits. A
pulse signal is then produced by a specialized IC. The Pulse signal is directly proportional to power consumption. The MCU records and stores the
corresponding energy use. The LCD screen displays the energy use. Recorded information and data can be transferred using the RS485 interface.
The LCD display shows 42 pieces of data. Every five seconds the LCD screen will display a new piece of data. The meter also provides max demand(kW)
data and the demand period can be set to one of three intervals: 15minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes. The max demand can be reset to zero in
software over RS485. The meter has four time-of-use tariffs(T1, T2, T3, T4) to calculate the power during different time periods, and it can set up to four
time periods per day, and specify the number of the tariff for that period(from T1 to T4). The meter time can be set using the RS485 interface. By design
the main kWh registers 01 and 02 cannot be reset, though registers 39 and 40 can be reset.


SolidCoreCT200ASolid-core CT (does not open or split) 200A, 26.6mA, 13mm inner diameter, up to 1/0 AWG insulated wire size


Solid-core CT (does not open or split) 200A, 26.6mA, 25mm (0.98″) inner diameter


Solid-core CT (does not open or split) 600A:26.6mA, 45mm (1.77″) inner diameter


SplitCoreCT200A25Split-core CT, 200A, 200A:26.6mA, 25mm (0.98″) inner diameter


Insulation Piercing Connector

Connect a small wire to a large wire: The large wire can be from #6 to 4/0 the small wire can be from 14 to 10 AWG



BeyondTech25IDS meter for 120/240 Volt.
Pass-Through KWh Meter, 3-wire, 100A, 60Hz  It also works with 208 volts. 2 hots 1 neutral. Max diameter for each hot wire 3/8” Does not work with external CTs – Current Transformers.  This electrical meter comes with LCD display and pulse output,  connected to the OSCAR pulse reader and Oscar Manager System provides a powerful start point for a Wireless Automatic Meter Reader System AMR  / Electricity Monitoring System.

Technical Specifications:
120/240V Single Phase, pass-through kWh meter
Voltage: 120/240 volts
Current: 5(100)A
Meters wires up to 3/8” in diameter
Pulse output impulse constant: 800imp/kWh
Environmental conditions: Pollution Degree 2,
Measurement Category III, Altitude rating 2000 meters max. Maximum
Temperature Range: -30 Deg. C to 70 Deg. C.
Protected throughout by double insulation:
Accuracy Class: 1
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: ≤1W (when 220V, 20A)
Tamper Detection Class 1.
Weight: 0.32kg
Outside dimensions: 78x100x65mm


BeyondTech15e is an electrical meter with pulse outputBeyondTech15e is an electrical meter with pulse output

This electrical meter is very economical, it has  LCD display and pulse output,  connected to the OSCAR pulse reader and Oscar Manager System provides a powerful start point for a Wireless Automatic Meter Reader System AMR  / Electricity Monitoring System.
It comes with one 50 Amps CT Current Transformer,  It ONLY works with this 50 Amps CT.  It is designed for metering 120 Volts two wires only (hot and neutral)

Technical Specifications:
• 120V One Phase, external CT, KWh meter
• 120 volts (+/-30%)
• Current: 5(50)Amps (use only the provided 50A CT)
• CT Inside Diameter: 14mm (about .55 inch)
• Pulse output impulse constant: 1000imp/kWh Polarity sensitive. Maximum 27VDC, 27mA – Impulse width=90ms,
• Maximum Temperature Range: -20 Deg. C to 65 Deg. C.
• Accuracy Class: 1 (±1% accurate)
• Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
• Display mode: LCD 5+2: 99999.99kWh

• Start current: 0.4% Ib. (1.0)
• Voltage 12~27V, current ≤27mA, max lead length: 20m
• Outside dimensions: 117.5×55.8x18mm


The image bellow shows an example of a meter wired to the PushGateway
The image bellow shows three smart meters wired together and communicating with the Push Gateway which is connected to the LAN via Ethernet – It can also connect via WiFi using a WiFi bridge.SeriesOfSmartMetersConnectedPush

The  Push Communication system is our cloud-based meter data solution that works in conjunction with our smart meters.


Description: Instantly Push Meter Data to the Web!
Meter Support: Omni-meters
Connections: Ethernet, RS-485, Power
Data: One Minute Interval Meter Data
Model: Push

We are proud to introduce an entirely new communication system with unprecedented capabilities and exceptional ease of use. It is designed to work in conjunction with our Smart Kwh meters, in order to maximize their capabilities and data readability. All you have to do is plug it in! — the  Push gateway handles all of the meter communication and inserts the reads into our cloud database. Data is available seamlessly and immediately from a known, fixed location in the cloud. The data can be accessed in a number of ways but is easily pulled using the Dash software.

There is nothing like this available; whether you are metering a single cottage or an international electric car charging network with tens of thousands of metered points, we believe the  Push device will be the backbone of the next generation of metering. It represents a whole new era for meter data communications.

Our intent is to provide our customers with FREE, seamless, and unrestricted access to their data in real time. What we are offering is the most robust and capable hardware available, with easy and and reliable access to your data.

To connect your Push device to your existing wireless network, you need an Ethernet to Wifi Bridge

Use our smart meters in conjunction with this Push gateway to provide rich, real-time and historical data.


Price is for the Push Gateway alone, meter and other accessories are not included



PowerSupply12V1AmpDescription: Hardwired RS-485 to Wireless Zigbee Mesh Network
Voltage: 6 to 42 volts DC
Model: 485Bee

Make our smart meter a wireless sub-meter.

The Zig485Bee replaces the hardwired links in your RS-485 network with wireless zigbee mesh links.

Use this device if you are unable to run wires between meters or between meters and the communication converter.  You can have from 1 to 256 meters per Zig485Bee, each meter needs to be hard wired to another meter or to the Zig485Bee. They work seamlessly as a mesh network

Works with our 9600 baud  smart meters.

Range of 200m with the supplied antenna. This can be extended to up to a mile line-of-sight by using focused high gain antennas.

This item includes the 485Bee, the 900 MHz Digimesh RP-SMA Radio, and the 900 MHz antenna.

The 485Bee powers the radio and supplies RS-485.

Radios come pre-configured to replace the RS-485 communications wire.

These are designed to be used in areas where it is difficult to run an RS-485 communication wire.

You will need at least 2 of these to create both ends of the Zigbee mesh network.

Requires 6 to 42 volt DC power to operate. Power can be supplied via the center-positive barrel jack or terminal block connections.  We provide a 12 Volt Power Supply for this purpose.

LED Indication of Power, RSSI, RS-485 In, and RS-485 Out.

The 485Bee can be used to create a wireless zigbee mesh network to connect all of your meters together.



The USBtoRS485BLink Converter, translates the RS-485 signal from the meters to a signal that can be understood by your computer and Meter software. This is an inexpensive device that will work well if you want to read your meters locally (on-site). You can connect up to 256 meters on 4000 feet of twisted pair wire to this converter.

We recommend this USB converter to all customers who purchase any of our v.3 BeyondTechSM1. It is really handy for making meter settings (in particular) and for reading your meters directly.  We especially recommend it for users of the Push system which cannot yet make meter settings.

This converter uses a chip that is manufactured by FTDI, which is much more robust, reliable, and easier to use than competing chips. The terminal blocks are tiny, so we include a small screwdriver with each USB Converter so that they can be opened and closed more easily.

This new model of USB Converter has a transparent case, which allows it to show a visual indication of successful meter reads. This is shown with a red blinking LED bulb, that flashes as successful reads are made.

In order to use this converter please download and install the USB driver. Works with most modern (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux) operating systems.

The USB converter connected to up to 256 meters.

Works with all of our RS-485 smart meters that we offer.

These are very easy to connect and wire up (requires a tiny 2mm flat head screwdriver). Be sure that you have the FTDI USB Drivers installed. Connect a twisted pair wire from A+ on the USB converter to “RS-485 A” on up to 256  Meters, connect B- to “RS485 B” on the same meters.



Meter Reading Software for Windows, Mac, Linux,  exports csv Files or wattvision.com API  Version: v1.8.3 Beta

Please consider this to be a beta product that is under development at this time. Please understand that the Dash may experience the hiccups that are to be expected with a product in beta.

Our new user-friendly software allows you to read meters which are connected to your computer, whether it be a PC, Linux box, or a Mac running OS X, and whether the meter is connected directly with one of our USB to RS-485 converters, over a LAN network, or over the internet with the iSerial TCP/IP to Serial Converter. The Dash can also retrieve data from all of your meters in the Push system. From this application you can, read all of the meter parameters, set meter numbers (addresses), set passwords, control relays,, reset demand to zero, and, have meter usage logged to a file and have monthly reports e-mailed to individual users or formatted for printing and mailing.

The current version of the Dash is still in development and should be considered a Beta release. We continue to make adjustments to increase stability and we plan on adding a lot more features and functionality in the future. As it is still in Beta, we would appreciate any feedback that you can give us on your experience with it.



BEYDTS5188 (2)

DIN 120-400 Volts. 1/2/3 phase Energy Kwh meter pulse output and RS485 compatible with AMR systems.

Monitor your solar panel, home energy, or submerging applications.

KWh Energy meter. Quantity discounts available.
One, Two, or Three phase, up to 4 wires.
External CTs not included, sold separately – many available from 100/5 Amps to 7500/5 Amps. –
Smart Electronic DIN-RAIL Active energy meter for marinas, campgrounds, solar panels, condominiums,  tenant buildings, rental apartments, etc.  Submetering  applications.
Model BEYDTS5188 one to three phase up to four wires electronic DIN rail active energy meter with a new design, is built with high quality micro-electronics, and integrated circuit, it uses advanced digital and SMT techniques. The meter complies with relevant technical requirements of class 1 three phase active energy meter stipulated in the international standard IEC 62053-21. It can measure 50Hz or 60Hz active energy consumption accurately from one or three phase, up to four wires AC electricity net. This meter has seven digits, the LCD display shows the active energy consumption. The meter also has far infrared and RS485 communication modules in it, allowing communication with many AMR systems and pulse readers. It can connect via wires (twisted pair) or wireless

Reliable, small size,  elegant presentation, light weight, convenient installation, etc.


•35mm standard DIN rail installation , complying with standard DIN EN50022.
Front board installed
(mounting holes center distance 63 mm), users can choose any one by themselves.
•Ten pole width (Modulus 12.5mm), complying with standard JB/T7121-1993.
•Type S wiring (Inlet from bottom, outlet from top), Allows external Current Transformers. connect operation, may select set 27 CT rate to convert power reading accurately.
After the meter is setup, it will read directly from the power source or from the CTs. If reading from the CTs, it will adjust from the preset rate.
•Seven digits display LCD, 5+2 digits display (99999.91 kWh, only ratio of CT when 5:5 A)
•Output via polarity and non polarity ports of passive pulse. for distant, the output rate is 10 kWh/pulse, complying with standard IEC 62053-31 and DIN 43864.
•Standard configuration with a port of far infrared data communication and a port of RS485 data
Communication complying with standard DL/T645-1997, It is possible to manufacture this meter without the data communication function with customer’s request.
•Six LED instructions respective in every power supply state, signal of closed energy impulse and distant
energy impulse and data communication state.
•Automatic detection of the direction of the flow of  current load. Instructions shown on the LCD.
•Single direction three components measure three phase, four wire active energy consumption. verifying the flow of the load current. Complying with standard IEC 62053-21.
•Standard configuration short terminals cover, may select extension terminals cover, in order to protect
to use safety. (Product Configuration code is AF).

Technical Parameters:

Accuracy:    Class 1

Voltage(V):   3×127/220      3×230/400

specifications(A):     CT/5A

current(A):   0.01

performance:   AC voltage 4kv for 1 minute, 1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kv




200/5 Amps.   Current Transformer for Smart electrical meter BEYDTS5188