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We are an I.T. consulting company that specializes in providing products and services for vertical solutions, some of the services are:  Wireless Automatic Meter Reader System – AMR for marinas and RV (R.V, Recreational Parks) Electricity monitoring, Sub metering for condominiums, Electrical and Water Sub-Metering systems using smart meters, WiFi network implementation and support using reliable and inexpensive Mesh technology, Wireless hardware.
If you have specific needs that are not listed in our website,  please contact us,  we will be glad to work on your project.

Other common names given to the systems we offer:

AMR Automatic Meter Reader System, Power Consumption Monitoring System, Electric Meter System, Electrical Counter System, Wireless Electricity Meter for kWh, Energy Monitor, Electricity Monitor, Sub-Meter Electrical Meter System, Electric submetering System, Energy Monitoring System

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