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Smart home device.  Energy meter.  WiFi free App.
Easily download the new App: eWeLink from Google Play or Apple Store.  This smart home device is an Energy meter / KWh meter / electrical meter. Easily connect it  to the WEB using a smart phone as the initial interface, then check your electrical usage online.

*** Make sure you download  the App:  eWeLink ***

The Wireless Energy Monitor allows monitoring power consumption and help save energy and money. Use External CTs as needed depending on the electrical setup. (1, 2, or 3 CTs) two CT included for up to 100 Amps. You can add up to 1 more CTs for 3 phase. It is possible to change CTs for higher Amps. if needed. Please inquire with us if you need an specific configuration. Measures from 85 to 265 Volts up to 100 Amps .01 Amp accuracy
* Real-time display power consumption (current-I , voltage-V , Kw)
* View the history data
* Historical graphical chart of electricity consumption
* Summary electricity
* Cost rate setting
* Power statistics from any time period
* Single, two, or three phases power compatible
* App. can manage and monitor many devices (meters) * Share the device (meter monitoring) to other smart phones
* Send data to the cloud internet service
* Use WIFI, no radiation
* Monitor the data on phone , anywhere , any time
* View energy consumption on your mobile phone
* Alarm setting, Electrical safety
* Remote control ( real time Power On/Off , timer /countdown control)
* Free APP download in IOS , Android


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