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Smart Energy meter,  analyzer, panel mounted, with ethernet port . 3 CTs included 200 Amps Split Core

  • This smart meter is also a very practical Modbus to Ethernet gateway in one piece. It is also a full power analyzer, with many functions and parameters.  The meter can be connected to a LAN via its built in Ethernet port. We have inexpensive and powerful software available to monitor this meter.


Electrical characteristics:
Type of measurement RMS including harmonics on three phase AC system (3P, 3P+N)

128 samples per cycle
Measurement accuracy Class 0.5
Power IEC 61557-12 Active Energy IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S, IEC 61557-12 Class 0.5 Reactive Energy IEC62053-23 Class 2, IEC 61557-12 Class 2

Frequency ±0.1%
Current  ±0.2%
Voltage ±0.2%
Power Factor ±0.01
Harmonic Distortion 2
Data Update Rate 1 second nominal  Input-Voltage VT Primary  100~500000V ac Un 230 V L-N
Measured Voltage with Over-range and Crest Factor 100 to 480Vac L-L
100 to 276Vac L-N
Permanent Overload 490V L-L 280V L-N
Impedance 1M Ω
Frequency Range 45~66Hz
Input- Current CT Ratings Primary 1~9999A
Secondary 1A / 5A
Measured current  with Over-range and Crest Factor 5mA~6A
Withstand Continuous 8A 120A for 0.5 Seconds
Impedance <1 mΩ
Frequency Range 45~66Hz
Burden <0.036VA at 6A Auxiliary Power Supply Operating Range 65~480V AC / 80~660V DC Power Consumption < 7VA/3.5W. Frequency  45 to 65 Hz Digital output Number/Type 2 – electromagnetic relay Output Frequency 1 Hz maximum Switching Current 250 Vac at 3.0 Amps, 100k cycles, Isolation  2.5 KVac for 1min Digital Input Number 4 Input Resistance 10 kΩ Maximum Frequency 1kHz Response Time  10 milliseconds Isolation  2.5 KVac for 1min Mechanical Characteristics Weight 250g IP Degree of Protection  (IEC 60529) IP51 front display Dimensions (WxHxD) 96x96x70.3 Mounting Position Vertical Panel Thickness 1~5mm

Additional information

Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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